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Dry White Wines

Pinot Grigio 2017

Bright citrus notes, peach and papaya with a smooth lingering finish.


Gold Medal at 2017 Michigan Wine Competition (2017 Vintage)

Pinot Grigio & Chardonnay

Crisp acidity of Pinot Grigio finished with the soft creaminess of Chardonnay.


Double Gold Medal at 2017 Michigan Wine Competition

Chardonnay 2016

Sur lie aged in French oak barrels, elegant fruit notes that mingle with fine vanilla aromas and subtle oak.


Gold Medal at 2017 Tasters Guild (2015 Vintage)

Auxerrois 2016

Aged in neutral oak barrels just long enough to gain richness without sacrificing the tropical fruit flavors.

Auxerrois Moreno Block 2017

Aged in stainless steel, this is a crisp, clean wine with vibrant minerality.

Gewurztraminer 2016

This floral experience showcases subtle grapefruit flavors and a rich mouthfeel.

Soleil Blanc 2017

A beautiful wine, specially crafted from Boskydel Vineyards as a tribute to Bernie Rink, winegrower.

Dry Riesling 2016

Fruit forward, yet complex, with the potential for long aging.


Gold Medals from Pacific Rim International Wine Competition (2017 & 2018) & 2017 Michigan Wine Competition, and Double Gold from 2017 Taster’s Guild International Wine Competition (2016 Vintage)

Sweeter White Wines

Semi-Dry Riesling 2016

Complex character with a deep fruit profile, and a refreshing minerality.


Gold Medal at 2017 Michigan Wine Competition

Rose de Gris

Semi-dry wine crafted from Pinot Gris with floral aromas and red berry notes.

Edelzwicker 2017

A traditional blend of Alsation varieties create an aromatic wine offering texture with a touch of sweetness.

Leelanau Primavera

The perfect summer wine: fresh and crisp with an alluringly sweet finish.


Gold Medal at 2018 Michigan Wine Competition

Select Harvest Riesling 2016

Our sweetest white wine balances stonefruit and apple flavors with a beautiful sweet finish.

Cherry Wine

A flavorful blend of Balaton and Montmorency cherries that captures the essence of Northern Michigan.

Cherry Dessert Wine

Our classic cherry wine, fortified with cherry spirits makes this wine an after-dinner classic.

Riesling Ice Wine

Crafted from Riesling grapes harvested while frozen on the vines.


Best of Class at 2019 Michigan Wine Competition


Auxerrois Sparkling

This sparkling version of one of our favorite varietals balances temperate fruit, creamy structure, and aromatic esters.

Leelanau Brillante

An artful blend of five varietals with peach and tropical fruit notes dominating the palate.


Gold Medal from 2017 Michigan Wine Competition

Red Wines

Pinot Noir 2016

Rich, red fruit flavors are complemented by the structure and aromatics gained through aging 18 months in barrels.

Pinot Noir Reserve 2015

Rich, dark cherry, plum and berry flavors, aged in French oak offering earthy complexity and a lingering finish.

Bel Lago Red

The perfect balance of fruit, structure, and silk, a multi variety blend with a Cabernet Franc backbone.


Created with the intention of longevity. Savor it today or save it, to be enjoyed at the end of your next big adventure.