Bel Lago Cherry Kir Royale

February was National Cherry Month and to celebrate we created a cherry spin on the classic Kir Royale Cocktail. Lucky for us and for you at home, this is a very easy drink to make and one we think you’ll really enjoy, plus you can use it to wow your friends when it’s your turn to host the next Zoom Happy Hour!

The traditional Kir Royal calls for Crème de Cassis blackberry liqueur which is quite sweet and fruity, just like our Cherry Dessert Wine, making substitution easy!

To make simply add 2-3 tablespoons of our Cherry Dessert Wine to a flute glass. Top with your favorite semi-dry bubbles such as our Auxerrois Brut. Voilà! 🥂Cherry Kir Royale clinks! 🍒

Ingredients available here: